Bergen’s Back Streets

Bergen Norway Back Streets14

I enjoyed my time in Bergen, but if I am being honest, for my first day or so there, I wasn’t that captivated. Yes, the city was pretty, the harbor was colorful, and everything was neat and tidy – but none of it seemed that memorable, particularly after the jaw-dropping beauty of the fjords. I was enjoying myself, but I wasn’t loving Bergen.

On my last day in town, however, I decided to explore more off the beaten path, and I’m so glad I did. Rather than wandering through the main pedestrian area and the harbor, I ducked into the tiny back streets and lanes. And there? Well, there was where I really fell in love with Bergen. The streets were quieter and everything just seemed that much more charming.

Case in point: everyone goes to gawk at the famous front facades of Bergen’s Bryggen, the historic harbor district, but while poking around looking for a coffee shop, I found myself above and behind the Bryggen, which I found even more fascinating. I loved seeing all the distinctive wooden rooftops from above – it was a unique viewpoint I hadn’t expected to have.

Bergen Norway Back Streets3

Bergen Norway Back Streets15

Bergen Norway Back Streets16

Bergen Norway Back Streets2

Nearby that, I stumbled upon Kroken Street, a little lane that reminded me of Paris’s Rue Crémieux: tiny, tidy, and very delightful.

Bergen Norway Back Streets4

Bergen Norway Back Streets5

Bergen Norway Back Streets17

Bergen Norway Back Streets18

On my way to another coffee shop (Kaffemisjonen), I found what might have been my favorite of Bergen’s back streets: an area filled with street art galore. This little pocket felt like a teeny tiny Brooklyn to me – funky art and strong hipster vibes.

Bergen Norway Back Streets8

Bergen Norway Back Streets6

Bergen Norway Back Streets

Bergen Norway Back Streets19

Bergen Norway Back Streets21

Bergen Norway Back Streets23

Bergen Norway Back Streets22

And finally, I set out to visit Bergen’s Leprosy Museum (because when you hear there’s a museum dedicated solely to leprosy, aren’t you a bit curious?). Sadly, I arrived too late and the museum was closed – but its courtyard was beautiful, as were the streets around the museum.

Bergen Norway Back Streets11

Bergen Norway Back Streets7

Bergen Norway Back Streets13

Bergen Norway Back Streets10

Bergen Norway Back Streets24

Bergen Norway Back Streets12

Bergen Norway Back Streets9

Bergen is a cruise ship port, and I suppose it is natural that daytrippers with limited time stick to the harbor area. But if you have longer to stay in Bergen, I highly recommend a stroll through its back streets – there’s a lot of magic to be found there, too.

3 thoughts on “Bergen’s Back Streets

  1. Bergen is so colorful! And all that street art really makes it pop! I’ve seen a lot of bright, saturated pictures of cute little Scandinavian villages before but the street art is definitely different. One of the things I love when traveling is just going for a wander and stumbling into little neighborhoods and districts that you don’t read about in guidebooks and it looks like Bergen is an ideal place for that kind of exploration!

    1. I totally agree with you, just wandering around a new place is one of my favorite things to do when traveling. Bergen is definitely ideal for that!

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