Oslo: Sculpture Masterpieces at Frogner Park

Frogner Park6

Before I visited Oslo, if you had asked me to name the most noteworthy sculptors, I would have thought only of the usual suspects: Rodin, Michelangelo, Bernini, and the like. One name I would not have said – having never heard it before – was Gustav Vigeland. As it turns out, however, his is a name well worth knowing.

Vigeland is a Norwegian sculptor, perhaps best known for his work in Oslo’s Frogner Park. The park, just a quick tram ride from Oslo’s city center, is filled with Vigeland’s sculptures and divided into three main sections. First, you cross a bridge lined with sculptures. Then, you reach a fountain surrounded by sculptures. Finally, you come to the main event: the Monolith Plateau, which consists of circles of sculptures on steps leading up to a gigantic totem pole made of…still more sculptures.

Frogner Park1

Frogner Park20

Frogner Park26

Frogner Park25

Frogner Park7

Frogner Park3

Frogner Park21

Frogner Park11

Frogner Park18

Frogner Park4

Frogner Park13

Frogner Park2

Frogner Park14

Frogner Park19

Frogner Park5

Frogner Park23

Frogner Park16

Frogner Park22

Frogner Park12

Frogner Park9

Frogner Park24

Frogner Park15

Frogner Park8

Frogner Park10

Frogner Park17

As the multitude of photos evidence, I adored Frogner Park. The sculptures themselves are wonderfully expressive and varied, consisting of figures young and old, male and female, and with poses of all sorts: romantic, sad, sexual, pensive, angry, and…downright weird. And it isn’t just the sculptures that are appealing, it’s also their setting: a gorgeous park, perfect for relaxing and wandering aimlessly. It reminded me of how I felt the first time I visited the Rodin Museum in Paris: utterly transported by the beauty of the art juxtaposed with the beauty of the natural landscape. For my money, this is the number one must-visit in Oslo.

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