Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 153

The weekly roundup of internet awesome:

  1. A super interesting read: The Failure of Tom Cruise 2.0.
  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one this is happening to!: The 13 Stages of “Holidays in the United States” Coming up When You Email Yourself.
  3. Very well done: Taylor Swift & Harry Potter Parody Mashup.
  4. This video is a few years old, but my friends and I have recently become obsessed with quoting it to each other on those particularly hellish NYC summer days: It’s Hot As Hell.
  5. The author of this piece well may be my spirit animal: 5 Minutes Early Is on Time; On Time Is Late; Late Is Unacceptable.
  6. I love this: Ghostbusters Cast Surprises Patients at Boston Children’s Hospital.
  7. #JonVoyage: Jon Stewart and The Daily Show: 9 Essential Moments.
  8. What a project: Incredible Uptown Funk Supercut Features 280 Movie Quotes.
  9. Pretty damn creative: Coffee + Ice Cream Sketches.
  10. What happened, Ben and Jen???: A Celebrity-Divorce Expert Tells All.

(Image via Popsugar)

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