Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 157

The weekly roundup of internet gems:

  1. I’m not saying this made me cry, but: Downton Abbey Final Season Trailer.
  2. Interesting: The Top Tennis Player in the World Started Here.
  3. Yasssss: I’m 23 and Dressed as Royal Baby Prince George for a Week.
  4. An important national issue: Petition to Add the Flamingo and Taco Emojis.
  5. What ever became of Maureen from Center Stage? An interesting read: The Curious Case of Susan May Pratt.
  6. Another good “where are they now?” feature: Meet the Countess of Baywatch: How A.J. Langer Became a British Aristocrat.
  7. Adorable: Look How Bloody Excited This Stolen Pug Is to be Reunited with Her Owner.
  8. Hah: #wallsforbloggers.
  9. The Martian was one of the best books I have read in a long while, and I am so excited to see the movie version this fall. Here’s a good sneak peek: Why NASA Helped Ridley Scott Create The Martian Film.
  10. I got really into reading about the War of the Roses a few years ago, so naturally this intrigues me: The Princes in the Tower: Will the Ultimate Cold Case Finally Be Solved After More Than 500 Years?

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