Ravello: Of Ceramic Shops and Scenic Views

After spending the morning in idyllic Positano, we headed on toward the town of Ravello. The views on this part of the coast continued to stun, with unbelievable greens and blues predominating. We even passed by Sophia Loren’s gigantic seaside mansion, which our guide said was the nicest house in the region (and which was, of course, gorgeous). What a life that would be, calling this stretch of the coast your home!

Positano to Ravello1

Positano to Ravello3

Positano to Ravello2

Positano to Ravello4

Positano to Ravello5

Positano to Ravello6

En route to Ravello, we stopped briefly for lunch in the town of Scala. To get there, we wound up into the mountains, quite literally – there were a ton of slightly scary switchbacks. Our location for lunch was spectacular: a terrace that seemed perched right on the edge of the mountain and had lovely views of Ravello itself. I ordered a glass of red and a plate of plain spaghetti, and while the meal did not quite blow me away, the views did.



After lunch, we headed onward to Ravello. All the towns in this region seemed overrun with ceramics shops, but Ravello in particular had a glut of them. I loved browsing through all the goods for sale; anything super colorful always catches my eye, and these ceramics definitely fit the bill.







Other than poking through many a ceramics shop, I did not do much else in Ravello, content simply to wander around and take in yet more beautiful views from the town’s mountaintop perch. It wasn’t the most action-packed destination I have visited, but it certainly was a beautiful place to while away an afternoon.











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