Stepping into the Magical World of Frida Kahlo at New York Botanical Garden

Frida Kahlo at NYBG14

I used to think of the New York Botanical Garden as “far” away, sort of in the same way I tend to think anything outside Manhattan is far away (yes, I know that is untrue), but some events are enough to convince me to make the trip. In fact, some are enough to make me take the trip twice. Enter: Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo at NYBG9

Frida Kahlo at NYBG8

Frida Kahlo at NYBG2

Frida Kahlo at NYBG3

Frida Kahlo at NYBG5

Until November 1st, NYBG is home to Frida Kahlo: Art-Garden-Life, an exhibit containing Kahlo paintings and a reimagining of Casa Azul in the greenhouse. On select evenings, the gardens also host “Frida al Fresco,” an event complete with Mexican song and dance performances and margaritas, tacos, and other Mexican specialties on sale.

Frida Kahlo at NYBG15

Frida Kahlo at NYBG1

Frida Kahlo at NYBG7

Frida Kahlo at NYBG13

Frida Kahlo at NYBG12

I found the exhibit to be a fun concept, and one worth the trek up to the Bronx. While I wished there had been more of Kahlo’s art – eight small paintings barely scratch the surface – it was nonetheless neat to see several pieces I hadn’t been exposed to before. And the greenhouse reimagined as Casa Azul is a visual treat; I loved all the cacti and succulents adorning the colorful centerpiece display.

Frida Kahlo at NYBG11

Frida Kahlo at NYBG10

Frida Kahlo at NYBG6

Frida Kahlo at NYBG4

While I enjoyed this taste of Frida in NYC, it seemed to me that the exhibit only provided a small glimpse into her fascinating life and career. More than anything, it left me with a longing to go to Mexico City, to see more of Frida’s paintings, and to visit the real Casa Azul. One day soon, I vow to make it there – but for now, a sprinkling of Frida’s spirit in the Bronx will have to suffice.

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