A Rainy Afternoon in Amalfi


After a sun-soaked morning in Positano and an overcast afternoon in Ravello, the weather finally turned on us as we drove into Amalfi, sending down a light drizzle that never let up during my brief time in town. Predictably, the weather dampened (yes, cringeworthy pun intended) my enthusiasm for Amalfi somewhat. Even in the rain, however, I could still tell it was a lovely little town, complete with all the charms of the region: brightly painted ceramics, colorful buildings, and gorgeous seaside vistas.






Defeated by the rain, my time in Amalfi was low key. I puttered up and down the town’s main drag, dodging puddles and praying I wouldn’t fall on the slippery cobblestones. When I couldn’t take the fear of a cobblestone wipeout any longer, I ducked under an awning and grabbed some gelato, happy to stay relatively dry and to people watch.






As we drove “home” to Sorrento from Amalfi, the rain continued – but, happily, it brought with it a beautiful double rainbow over Positano. It was about as magical of an ending to the day as I could have hoped for, and it seemed fitting that such a beautiful coastline would provide us with such a spectacular ending note.

Amalfi to Sorrento1

Amalfi to Sorrento3

Amalfi to Sorrento2

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