Quebec City: Awed by Nature at Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls5

In truth, I am and always have been a city girl: camping is never going to be my default vacation choice, and having a certain base level of creature comforts is a priority. And so, when traveling, my sightseeing choices tend to be city-oriented, too. Museums packed with works of art, restaurants where you can get a memorable meal, and skyscrapers with breathtaking views? Yes, yes, and yes.

Sometimes, however, even I can appreciate nature. And Montmorency Falls, just fifteen minutes or so from downtown Quebec City (assuming you don’t get lost) (not that we did) (ahem), is the perfect place to do just that.

While you can hike up to the top of the falls – along what seemed to me to be a fairly rickety and slippery staircase – we opted to take the sky tram, which zips you up to the top and offers some stunning views of the falls along the way.

Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls1

Montmorency Falls5

Once up top, we stopped at several different lookout points from which we could view the falls, snap a few photographs (but of course!), and listen to the roar of the rushing water below.

Montmorency Falls1

Montmorency Falls2

After we had our fill of viewing them from afar, we climbed up to the bridge that spans the falls. Here, we had our most dramatic views of the falls, looking directly below us at the water pounding down onto the rocks. And while the bridge, swaying ever so slightly in the wind, gave me a bit of pause for a moment, it was breathtaking from up there and well worth making the crossing.

Montmorency Falls3

Montmorency Falls3

Montmorency Falls2

Montmorency Falls4

Once we finished exploring up top, we hopped on the tram back down and decided to go walk near the base of the falls. As we got closer and closer, we felt the wind gust – and with it, plenty of water from the falls came our way. I didn’t dare approach too close for fear of getting drenched, but it was cool to see the power of the falls that close up.

Montmorency Falls7

Montmorency Falls6

Montmorency Falls4

At the end of the day, yes, I am still a city girl at heart – but spots like Montmorency Falls remind me of just how much beauty life outside the concrete jungle can offer. I highly recommend even a quick trip to the Falls if you find yourself visiting Quebec City.


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