Paris: An Autumn Stroll Through the Gardens at Versailles

Versailles Gardens22

I have a love/hate relationship with Versailles. Love because, well, it’s Versailles: grand and gilded rooms, beautiful and vast gardens, the works. And hate because, well, tourists. And lots of them.

Even when planned well, Versailles can still be a bit soul-crushing, and I questioned whether I wanted to subject myself to that gauntlet this time around. I was leaning toward “no,” when a thought occurred to me: the gardens, in autumn. Wouldn’t they be spectacular? And while Paris is a place I hope to return to often throughout my life, who knows the next time I’ll be here in the fall?

Versailles Gardens19

Versailles Gardens18

Versailles Gardens7

Versailles Gardens3

Versailles Gardens11

And so, was the visit worth it? The answer was, yes, yes, a thousand times yes – the gardens were absolutely spectacular. The leaves were fully in the process of turning during my visit, and the colors were just gorgeous. I especially loved all the little groves and side gardens: walking down what felt like a secret pathway, and finding myself surrounded by rows and rows of perfectly manicured trees, all in the vividest shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Versailles Gardens14

Versailles Gardens6

Versailles Gardens4

Versailles Gardens20

Versailles Gardens1

Sometimes I fear I overuse this word, but Versailles in autumn was truly magical. While the tourist crush was as present as ever, wandering around in the gardens, surrounded by gorgeous colors, I hardly minded it. I’m very glad I made the trip.

Versailles Gardens13

Versailles Gardens21

Versailles Gardens9

Versailles Gardens16

Versailles Gardens12

Versailles Gardens10

Versailles Gardens5

Versailles Gardens15

Versailles Gardens8

Versailles Gardens2

Versailles Gardens17

4 thoughts on “Paris: An Autumn Stroll Through the Gardens at Versailles

  1. Thank you, Laura.
    I’ve been to every place you mentioned in your sharp, laconic notes.
    I’m immeasurably older than you and, yet, I had the same impressions
    and intoxicating memories from those places, and feel as if I could write
    the words you’ve written. Amazing.
    I still travel a lot. These days, I like much less “touristy” havens.
    Hope our paths will cross one day.
    Thank you, again.
    All the best, fondly,
    Paul Zeppelin

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