Dublin: Signs of Christmas in the Emerald Isle

Dublin Christmas Lights

I visited Dublin back in November, on the weekend the terrorist attacks occurred in Paris. Unsurprisingly, my mind was preoccupied and my heart heavy with thoughts of Paris throughout the weekend. I had a lot of plans for sightseeing in Dublin, but I wound up scrapping most of them, not feeling up to doing much. Instead, I found myself wandering around the city, content just to walk and think.

Luckily for me, Dublin appears to get itself into the holiday spirit early, and so I found my gloomy mood boosted by sights of Christmas popping up all around the city. The first thing I noticed were lights everywhere, strung up across streets and containing Gaelic Christmas greetings.

Dublin Christmas Lights1

Dublin Christmas Lights2

Dublin Christmas Lights5

Dublin Christmas Lights6

Dublin Christmas Lights4

Dublin Christmas Lights3

Restaurants got into the spirit, too, and I was particularly taken with The Green Hen, which wrapped itself up in a Christmas bow. The Green Hen also happens to serve great food, which I will write more about later.

The Green Hen

Dublin’s shopping malls were as decked out as one would expect malls to be. The decorations at the Powerscourt Centre were just lovely:

Powerscourt Centre

Powerscourt Centre2

As were those at the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre:

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

But the best of all had to be Brown Thomas, Dublin’s fancy schmancy department store. The inside was nice, but the window displays here were awesome: colorful, whimsical, and a bit odd.

Brown Thomas1

Brown Thomas2

Brown Thomas3

Brown Thomas4

Brown Thomas5

Brown Thomas6

Brown Thomas7

Overall, it was a weird weekend for me in Dublin. The city is one of my favorites, but it was tough to say I had a great time there when my thoughts were clearly elsewhere. In uncertain times, though, I’m glad to have been in a place with such a happy spirit.

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