Paris: Holiday Magic at Le Bon Marché

Le Bon Marché2

I have always haaaaaaated (extra “a”s most definitely necessary) shopping malls; every time I leave one, I tend to feel cranky, sweaty, and like I didn’t actually find what I came for in the first place. And so, visiting Le Bon Marché, one of Paris’s grand department stores, was never high on my priority list.

One day after work, however, I decided I had to visit La Grande Épicerie, the gigantic food emporium at Le Bon Marché. Because I was already in the neighborhood, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to pop into Le Bon Marché. Perhaps the store would be decorated beautifully for the holidays, I reasoned, and that would make it all worth it. And if not, I’d just turn and leave immediately, no harm done.

It’s pretty clear where this is going, though, isn’t it? Instead of hating Le Bon Marché, I loved it. Maybe it was just the spirit of Christmas, but I found the store sort of … magical?? Which is not a word I ever apply to shopping.

The fun starts right when you arrive, as the store’s exterior is all decked out for Christmas. The window displays were cute, but my favorite had to be the lights: hundreds (thousands?) of lightbulbs, dangling from the store’s awnings. It looks so cool!

Le Bon Marché1

Le Bon Marché3

Le Bon Marché4

Le Bon Marché5

Inside, there were tons of displays super dangerous for my wallet. I browsed through the second floor’s gift area – with all kinds of specialty products clearly set up just for the holiday season – and nabbed a few of the best smelling candles I have ever found for my friends. Then it was up to the third floor for the BEST. THING. EVER.

Le Bon Marché6

Unbeknownst to me, Le Bon Marché sets up an ornament emporium each holiday season. There are several gigantic trees and then rows and rows and rows of the most beautiful, sparkliest ornaments you ever did see. I used what I considered to be a considerable amount of restraint and still walked away with a ton of ornaments.

Le Bon Marché7

Le Bon Marché8

Here are just a few of my favorite ornaments:

Le Bon Marché9

Le Bon Marché10

Le Bon Marché11

I loved this watering can and bought one for my mom:

Le Bon Marché12

Le Bon Marché13

Le Bon Marché14

And I loved these wellies and bought them for myself:

Le Bon Marché15

Le Bon Marché16

Le Bon Marché17

Le Bon Marché18

They had tons of these gorgeous, intricate egg ornaments and I was a huge fan:

Le Bon Marché21

Le Bon Marché20

Le Bon Marché25

Le Bon Marché26

How cute is this jam jar?!?

Le Bon Marché27

Le Bon Marché28

They had a whole section of tropical/Hawaii/Florida-themed ornaments, which seemed a bit random but produced some amazing results, like these guys:

Le Bon Marché29

Le Bon Marché30

Le Bon Marché31

And, of course, their decorated bulbs were out-of-this-world. This is only a teeny tiny fraction of them:

Le Bon Marché22

Le Bon Marché 19

Le Bon Marché23

Le Bon Marché24

I don’t know when next I’ll be lucky enough to visit Paris at Christmastime, but I know when I do, Le Bon Marché will be right at the top of my list. It was incredible.

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