Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 167

Start your 2016 with some bits of internet awesome:

  1. One of my favorite year-end wrap-ups, obviously: 2015: The Best of Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte.
  2. Equally – or perhaps even more – important: 2015: Your Year in Prince Harry (oh man, how cute is this one?).
  3. File this under “things I meant to post about months ago but that remain relevant,” particularly if your family, like mine, binge watched quite a bit of Harry Potter over the holidays: It’s Time to Talk About How the Recast Dumbledore Was Literally the Worst.
  4. Another thing I meant to post months ago that is still worth a look: 24 Photos That Show What You Really Look Like on Your Phone.
  5. I enjoy these: 15 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2016.
  6. Now that we’ve all seen Star Wars, a few notes: 30 Things You Definitely Missed in The Force Awakens, 43 Questions We Desperately Want Answered After Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and The Internet Has Decided on Its Favorite Force Awakens Couple.
  7. On a related note, didn’t Star Wars increase our collective appreciation for Oscar Isaac, like, tenfold? 21 Times We All Fell Head over Heels for Oscar Isaac and 22 Things Everyone Who Is in Love with Oscar Isaac Will Understand.
  8. Well, they continue to be wonderful: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Celebrate New Year’s Eve Together Like the BFFs They Are.
  9. A fascinating piece by Jhumpa Lahiri: Teach Yourself Italian.
  10. And something I share every year: United States of Pop 2015.

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