Paris: Eleven Cups of Coffee

I love a good coffee shop, and I arrived in Paris last September with a good long list of them to try. All fall, I found myself hopping around the city in search of each spot I had bookmarked. Looking back on all these visits now, I realize something kind of remarkable: not one of them disappointed me. Paris is a phenomenal town for coffee (among many other things, of course).

My number one go-to spot was Café Kitsuné, located inside Palais-Royal. Not only do they have great coffee, but I adore the setting: the gardens are beautiful in any season, and they make the perfect place to either sit or stroll with a cup of coffee. Bonus points for the eminently Instagrammable matcha latte.

Cafe Kitsuné1

Café Kitsuné2

Café Kitsuné3

Café Kitsuné4

The adorable exterior of Boot Café has made appearances on all my favorite Paris-based Instagram accounts (some multiple times), and that alone made me want to go. The shop is teeny-tiny, with space for three very cramped tables, but it serves great coffee and cakes. Worth cramming in!

Boot Café3

Boot Café1

Boot Café2

I stopped into Café Oberkampf one Saturday morning and really enjoyed it: good coffee, great service, and a mean avocado toast with an incredibly generous portion heap of avocado.

Café Oberkampf2

Café Oberkampf3

Café Oberkampf

I loved the funky vibe of Coutume Café, with its beaker water carafes and various plant-based décor. I decided to be adventurous and order the specialty coffee; I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I know it involved an ice cube, plum, and espresso. It was…odd, but fun. They also do all the traditional coffee drinks really well, too!

Coutume Café2 Coutume Café

Télescope Café was another one of my go-to spots, due to its proximity to my office. I love how cozy this shop is, and it doesn’t hurt that they make an awesome café crème.

Télescope Café1

Télescope Café2

Of all the shops on this list, Honor Café was closest to my Parisian “home,” yet I only made it there once – a huge oversight! Tucked into a courtyard off Rue Saint-Honoré, this is a cute little spot. Great cappuccino, and also home to a wickedly good chocolate cake. On second thought, it’s probably all for the best that I didn’t make it here often, as I don’t know how I would’ve been able to resist the cake each time.

Honor Café1

Honor Café3

Honor Café2

Every tourist to Paris probably makes a pilgrimage to the famed Shakespeare & Co. bookshop. While I confess I’ve never 100% understood the appeal of the shop, I now have an even better reason to go there: next door, they’ve opened up a coffee shop. I loved the simple, neutral interior here, as well as the cappuccino and avocado toast. Man, this post contains a lot of examples of me being basic.

Shakespeare & Co

Shakespeare & Co Cafe 3

Shakespeare & Co Café 2

Shakespeare & Co Cafe4

I also paid a visit to another branch of Coutume, Coutume Instituuti, where I tried a more traditional spin on coffee this time. As the name “Instituuti” might suggest, the shop is Finnish and, predictably, features an awesome design aesthetic. If I were a student in Paris, I could see myself spending a lot of time here studying – the space is gorgeous.

Coutume Instituuti

Coutume Instituuti2

I wish I had taken more shots of the cute interior at Fragments (hashtag blogger fail), but I got a picture of the thing that matters most: my coffee. This is another cute, cozy space to while away a Parisian afternoon.


While Holybelly is more of a restaurant than a coffee shop, they have awesome coffee and I’d be remiss not to include them on my list. I basically just want to come here every time I’m in Paris – and that’s probably exactly what I will do for the foreseeable future.



The last stop of my coffee tour of Paris was Fondation Café, which, I will confess, initially caught my eye because I had seen its adorably-colored cups on Instagram. Thankfully, its coffee is really great too.

Fondation Café

And there you have it: three months in Paris, eleven coffee shops, and a lot of good coffee consumed. Would you believe, though, that this only scratches the surface of my list of “coffee shops to try in Paris”? Not that I’m complaining about having a stockpile of reasons for returning.

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