Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 168

The internet finds I’m loving this week:

  1. Are we all DYING to watch this or what??? The Crown on Netflix.
  2. I like this: Mark Zuckerberg’s Brilliant Dating Advice for Young Women Is to Be the Nerd They Want to Date.
  3. This week in Star Wars: I knew Maz Kanata reminded me of someone, a theory to ponder, and awesome Vintage Star Wars photos.
  4. I usually catch clips of Lip Sync Battle online after the fact, but the promise of a “Tatum Takeover” was enough to make me tune in live last week. And look how richly I – and the world – were rewarded: Channing Tatum’s “Run the World (Girls)” vs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s “Pony.” This episode was BONKERS.
  5. I love this list of 52 Places to Go in 2016. I’ve only been to four of them (Dublin, DC, Barcelona, and Colmar); three of them (Mexico City, Sydney, and San Sebastian) will hopefully be crossed off my must-travel list within the next year or two.
  6. A collection of fascinating, wonderfully out-of-touch individuals: The Dress Code for Power Lunching at the Four Seasons.
  7. Rest in peace, David Bowie, you chameleon you.
  8. Some post-Golden Globes miscellany: Oscar Isaac and Jacob Tremblay Had Adorable Lightsaber Battle at Golden Globes After-Party, These Portraits of Golden Globe Honorees Are Seriously Breathtaking, and Everyone Made the Same Joke about Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio at the Golden Globes.
  9. This is SO GOOD: Adele Carpool Karaoke.
  10. Rest in peace, Alan Rickman: “Here’s to the best damned antagonist a guy could ask for.”

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