New York: Soaring Above the City on the Roosevelt Island Tramway

One thing I tried to do last summer was be more intentional about checking items off my New York City bucket list, as too often in the past I’ve left a city sad about everything I left undone. And while I don’t plan on departing New York anytime soon, there’s a lot here, obviously, so I figure I better keep plugging away.

One of those things was taking a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram, which spans the East River, connecting Roosevelt Island to the Upper East Side. I took the subway to Roosevelt Island and then wandered around the island a bit (there’s not much to see there, truth be told) before hopping on the tram.

Roosevelt Island Tramway1

Roosevelt Island Tramway2

Roosevelt Island Tramway3

Roosevelt Island Tramway8

Roosevelt Island Tramway9

Roosevelt Island Tramway4

Roosevelt Island Tramway11

Roosevelt Island Tramway10

Roosevelt Island Tramway12

Roosevelt Island Tramway5

Roosevelt Island Tramway6

Roosevelt Island Tramway7

While riding the tram isn’t something I feel the need to go back and do again and again, it was fun to experience it once. It really does soar above the East River, and the views of the city are great. It’s always nice to get a new perspective on this city I call home.

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