New York: A Saturday Morning Walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Manhattan Bridge3

After spending September through December in Paris, I returned to New York this January with a renewed enthusiasm for exploring the city I call home. Some of my missions? Check restaurants off my seemingly never-ending list, visit the spots I’ve been meaning to get to out forever, and walk, walk, walk in an effort to get to know neighborhoods better. And a few weekends ago, I achieved all three goals in one jam-packed morning.

The day began at Sweet Chick, where I nabbed an early brunch. Everything looked great, but I couldn’t resist the chicken and waffles, which were awesome. I also loved the restaurant’s decor: an awesome mix of rustic and modern.

Sweet Chick3

Sweet Chick1

Sweet Chick2

Fortified, I worked off the calories on a long walk, starting in the Lower East Side. My sister and best friend both used to live in this neighborhood, so I’m pretty familiar with it, but I am always surprised by how many awesome restaurants are packed into this area. Another thing it’s full of? Street art, which I always love to see.

Lower East Side1

Lower East Side2

My walk was not without a purpose, as I had a destination in mind: the Manhattan Bridge. I’ve crossed the Brooklyn Bridge a few times before, but never have I made it across this one. On the Manhattan side, I was treated with great views of Chinatown. It’s not quite as scenic as the Brooklyn Bridge, but still worth a walk.

Manhattan Bridge4

Manhattan Bridge1

Manhattan Bridge2

Manhattan Bridge5

Manhattan Bridge3

Manhattan Bridge6

Manhattan Bridge7

Once in Brooklyn, I decided to wander around for a while before hopping on the subway home. I poked through the streets of DUMBO and walked along the water for a bit. For a January day, I could not believe how sunny it was.





All in all, it was a successful first attempt at seeing more of “my” city in 2016. Cheers to more New York adventures ahead!

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