January in New York: A Few Favorites

New York from above

Looking down Broadway

New York Columbus Circle

So…it’s February now? Though I feel like it was just yesterday I was home for the holidays, the calendar tells me an entire month has gone by (an entire month and a week, since I’m chronically behind at blogging). In the past month, I nailed some of my resolutions, bombed some others, celebrated my birthday, dabbled in New York restaurant week, and attempted to decorate my apartment. All in all, a success.

This month, I crossed two picturesque spots off my New York bucket list. First up, walking Manhattan Bridge and taking in its awesome views of Chinatown.

Manhattan Bridge4

Manhattan Bridge6

Manhattan Bridge1

Second, I stopped by Washington Mews on a Saturday morning. Located right by Washington Square Park – a place I’ve been to more times than I can count – I somehow missed this spot for years. It’s a cute little street with quaint, charming house fronts, also known as something right up my alley.

Washington Mews

Washington Mews2

In Broadway news, while I still haven’t scored Hamilton tickets yet, much to my chagrin, I did see an awesome play this month, King Charles III. It imagines a world after the current Prince Charles ascends to the throne and I found it both funny and surprisingly poignant.

King Charles III

In slightly cheesy entertainment news, I also saw Dancing With the Stars Live at the Beacon Theater (aka, right in my neighborhood). It’s my favorite guilty pleasure show on television, and they put on a great live show, too. It was really fun!

DWTS Live1

DWTS Live2

My month in food started at Birds & Bubbles, which – as the name would suggest – specializes in two things: chicken and champagne. It didn’t blow me away, but it was QUITE the quantity of chicken – a good value for the money.

Birds & Bubbles

One chilly Saturday morning, a friend and I made our way to Clinton St. Bakery, also known as one of those New York restaurants where they don’t take reservations and there’s always a wait. Ours was about two hours, but those pancakes were good. So was the buttermilk biscuit sandwich. I’d wait again.

Clinton St Bakery1

Clinton St Bakery 3

Clinton St Bakery2

I also loved brunching at Sweet Chick: really good chicken & waffles, plus the space itself is awesome.

Sweet Chick3

Sweet Chick1

Sweet Chick2

One spot long on my New York must list was Red Rooster in Harlem. I made my way there on MLK Day for birthday brunch with a friend. I liked my chicken, but there are about twenty other dishes on the menu I still want to try. I can get there super easily from my apartment (thanks, 2/3 line), so I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

Red Rooster3

Red Rooster2

For New York Restaurant Week, some friends and I hit up David Burke Kitchen. I always find Restaurant Week very hit or miss – sometimes the selection is painfully limited – but I loved it here. Nothing on the menu is off-limits, and while some selections do incur a supplementary charge, I thought it was still a great value for the money. I had the warm burrata and grilled eggplant to start, the chicken pot pie for my main (it was TO DIE FOR), and the classic David Burke cheesecake lollipops for dessert (fun AND delicious):

David Burke Kitchen1

David Burke Kitchen2

David Burke Kitchen3

On a quiet morning in the West Village, I popped into Sant-Ambroeus for breakfast. In truth, I didn’t love my egg sandwich, but it’s a cute cafe in an even cuter neighborhood, so I’d give it another try sometime.


After breakfasting in the West Village, I walked over to Soho, stopping by Balthazar for a hazelnut mocha, which tastes roughly akin to liquid Nutella. Not a bad thing at all.

Balthazar Hazelnut Mocha

And we wrapped up the month with another Restaurant Week foray, this time to Hearth in the East Village. I had a hearty ribollita to start, super delicious meatballs for my main, and a questionable panna cotta to finish. None of them photographed well in the low light, though, so I’ll settle with sharing a picture of my cocktail, the delightfully named Nancy Reagan’s War on Drugs (made with tequila and elderflower).


What’s on tap for February? My first foray to Lincoln Center, continuing to redecorate the apartment, checking more restaurants off the old New York bucket list, and – fingers crossed – winning tickets in the elusive Hamilton lottery. I’ve heard 50,000 people enter each day, so I’m sure I’ll win one day soon!

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