Buenos Aires: The Sunday San Telmo Market

San Telmo Market15

Two hours to explore Buenos Aires’s San Telmo Market. I figured that was more than enough time, right? But it quickly became clear to me that this was the kind of place where one could linger for much longer.

There was so much to take in here: colorful handicrafts (and, yes, more than a few stalls selling tourist junk), stands teeming with piping hot empanadas and other delicious smelling treats, beautiful street art, and chaotic, pulsing music. The street itself, which seemed to stretch on forever, was also lovely: think crumbling-but-elegant colonial architecture and colorful buildings. The crowds were insane at times, but I almost didn’t mind, as they seemed perfectly fitting with the market’s energetic vibe.

San Telmo Market1

San Telmo Market11

San Telmo Market4

San Telmo Market10

San Telmo Market20

San Telmo Market8

San Telmo Market6

San Telmo Market17

San Telmo Market18

San Telmo Market9

San Telmo Market16

San Telmo Market3

San Telmo Market2

San Telmo Market5

San Telmo Market14

San Telmo Market19

San Telmo Market13

San Telmo Market7

San Telmo Market21

San Telmo Market12

My too short two hours in San Telmo wound up being one of my favorite Buenos Aires memories: looking for treasures, taking photographs, and watching street performers work their magic were just a few of the charms. This vibrant, atmospheric place is not to be missed.

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