Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 170

The weekly roundup of internet awesome:

  1. YES: Rachel Green from “Friends” Appeared on SNL and It Was Everything.
  2. Adele continues to be the BEST: Ellen in Adele’s Ear at Jamba Juice.
  3. This Downton Abbey recap from last week’s episode is pretty much perfect.
  4. Truly terrifying: My Little Sister Taught Me How to “Snapchat Like the Teens.”
  5. All Grammy viewers agree: People Are Freaking Out Over How Hot Sam Hunt Is.
  6. Dog show mania: Terriers Were Once the Greatest Dogs in the World and What It’s Like Behind the Scenes at the Westminster Dog Show.
  7. This kid, man: 17 Times Jacob Tremblay Won Awards Season.
  8. If you are not watching American Crime Story….what are you thinking?!?! I initially was skeptical of the whole enterprise – don’t we already know all there is to know, I thought? – but it turns out that, being 8-years-old when this all happened, I actually had no idea about so many of the crazy details of the story. It’s fascinating, and there are a bajillion great recaps online each week (shout out to Entertainment Weekly, in particular). There’s also this: James Corden’s American Crime Story Recap is the Only American Crime Story Recap You Need.
  9. Get it, girl: Harper Beckham, the 4-Year-Old Street-Style Star.
  10. A long piece but so, so fascinating: The Digital Dirt: How TMZ Gets the Videos and Photos That Celebrities Want to Hide.

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