Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 171

The weekly roundup of internet awesome:

  1. Oscar mania, part 1: an adorable family recreates the Best Picture nominees in Don’t Call Me Oscar.
  2. Oscar mania, part 2: Every Movie Nominated for Best Picture…Starring Puppies! Cuteness overload.
  3. Oscar mania, part 3: The 2016 Hater’s Guide to The Oscars. Cry laughing.
  4. Oscar mania, part 4: Vanity Fair’s 1996 Oscars Recap. Sharon Stone!
  5. This week in People v. OJ Simpson: Marcia Clark Is Redeemed and David Schwimmer Says “Juice.”
  6. This is epic: “The Sound of Gaga” Is the Musical Mashup We’ve All Been Waiting For.
  7. What a handsome man: Henry Cavill Asks Kids: Batman or Superman?
  8. Correct: 10 Objects Around Your House That Are Actually Just Tilda Swinton Getting Lost in a Role.
  9. Yes: Traverse City Airport Dog Takes Internet by Storm.
  10. Decidedly not awesome, but a worthwhile read: What It’s Really Like to Work in Hollywood (If You’re Not a Straight, White Man).

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