New York: Springtime at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden1

Every now and then, I come across a place in New York and love it so much that I wonder: how in the world haven’t I visited here before?!

This would be a pretty strange introduction to a post if Brooklyn Botanical Garden wasn’t just one such a place. And, in fact, it is. I visited this spring at just about peak cherry blossom time and was absolutely blown away: it’s gorgeous!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden9

Brooklyn Botanical Garden6

Brooklyn Botanical Garden4

Brooklyn Botanical Garden2

Brooklyn Botanical Garden11

Brooklyn Botanical Garden5

Brooklyn Botanical Garden10

Brooklyn Botanical Garden8

Brooklyn Botanical Garden3

Brooklyn Botanical Garden7

Brooklyn Botanical Garden12

The cherry blossoms were, deservedly, the highlight of the show, but I found lots to love here. Tulips were everywhere, and there were lots of neat displays in the greenhouses. Plus, I loved walking around the Japanese garden and seeing the arch – which I’ve seen in many an Instagram – in person.

If there was one drawback to BBG, it would have to be the crowds. I visited on a Saturday and, as the day wore on, the place became just mobbed. The crowds annoyed me, but I have to admit it’s hard to begrudge anyone a visit: I can see now why this is the place to be.

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