New York City: Manus x Machina at the Met

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good costume exhibit, and the Costume Institute at the Met always provides (see last year’s for proof). This year’s theme was “Manus x Machina” – an exhibit dedicated, in the words of the Met, to “reconciling the handmade and the machine-made in the creation of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear.”

Well. I confess that the specific contours of this theme eluded me a bit; I didn’t necessarily go to ponder the deeper meaning of machine-made fashion, I went to see beautiful garments. And beautiful garments I did see.

The exhibit’s centerpiece is this Chanel “wedding ensemble,” which comes complete with a gold-leafed train the length of a large room:

Met - Manus x Machina1

Met - Manus x Machina2

Met - Manus x Machina3

Met - Manus x Machina4

Met - Manus x Machina5

Met - Manus x Machina6

I loved this Louis Vuitton dress, hand embroidered with laser-cut white and blue plastic flowers. How fun!

Met - Manus x Machina7

Met - Manus x Machina8

Met - Manus x Machina9

Met - Manus x Machina10

This was billed as an Yves Saint Laurent wedding ensemble. Because who wouldn’t want to wear a flower-covered bandeau top on her wedding day?!

Met - Manus x Machina11

Met - Manus x Machina12

This Christopher Kane number included laser-cut flower appliqués taken from a school science book:

Met - Manus x Machina13

Met - Manus x Machina14

The broderie (embroidery) section of the exhibit had some of my very favorite gowns, like these two:

Met - Manus x Machina15

And this fabulous ruffled number as well:

Met - Manus x Machina16

Met - Manus x Machina17

Met - Manus x Machina18

Met - Manus x Machina19

Met - Manus x Machina20

Met - Manus x Machina21

Met - Manus x Machina22

Met - Manus x Machina23

Met - Manus x Machina24

Met - Manus x Machina25

The Issey Miyake “Flying Saucer” dress was certainly…eye-catching. I’m just not certain where one would wear an accordion gown:

Met - Manus x Machina26

Met - Manus x Machina27

Met - Manus x Machina28

Met - Manus x Machina29

Met - Manus x Machina30

This Threeasfour design, made with the help of 3-D printing technology, was one of the most stunning pieces:

Met - Manus x Machina31

Met - Manus x Machina32

Met - Manus x Machina33

Met - Manus x Machina34

Met - Manus x Machina35

Met - Manus x Machina36

Met - Manus x Machina37

Met - Manus x Machina38

The leather details on this dress were just gorgeous in person:

Met - Manus x Machina39

Met - Manus x Machina40

Met - Manus x Machina41

I loved these interesting sculptural dresses. So modern and cool!:

Met - Manus x Machina42

Met - Manus x Machina43

Met - Manus x Machina44

Met - Manus x Machina45

Manus x Machina runs at the Met through September 5th. I love it so much I just might go back and see it all again!

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