London: The Chaos and Beauty of the Columbia Road Flower Market

“Come on up, we sold all the crap last week. The flowers are fresh this week!,” the flower vendor cheerfully called into the crowd.

It was Sunday morning at the Columbia Road Flower Market, and the day was in full swing: a mass of people, vendors calling out sales pitches that were varying degrees of humorous, and bundles of flowers. Bundles and bundles and bundles, in all colors, shapes, and sizes, with some truly unique varieties I had never seen before.

I made my way from end to end of the market, a huge smile plastered on my face despite the crush of people. For someone who loves flowers and who loves bright, bold colors, Columbia Road is a sweet space, as both abound here.

Columbia Road Flower Market5

Columbia Road Flower Market6

Columbia Road Flower Market3

Columbia Road Flower Market1

Columbia Road Flower Market15

Columbia Road Flower Market4

Columbia Road Flower Market12

Columbia Road Flower Market13

Columbia Road Flower Market11

Columbia Road Flower Market2

Columbia Road Flower Market9

Columbia Road Flower Market8

Columbia Road Flower Market16

Columbia Road Flower Market10

Columbia Road Flower Market14

Columbia Road Flower Market7

If I hadn’t been visiting London for the weekend, and headed back to Paris the very next day, the temptation would have been too great, and I would have surely bought a bundle or two for myself. That’s the dream though, I suppose: a flat of my own in London, one day, with flowers from this market.

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