New York: A Summer Saturday Morning Along the High Line

It has been crazy hot here in New York the past few weeks. While part of me wants to sit inside, plop myself in front of my AC unit, and do absolutely nothing, another part of me knows it would be a shame to waste away the summer, particularly given that work is slow for me right now (a rarity!). And so, I’ve found a solution: get up early – or, as early as a non-morning person like myself can possibly stand – to beat both the heat and the crowds. Win/win.

And so, last Saturday, I did just that. I stopped first at The Butcher’s Daughter for breakfast. While the egg sandwich here was fine, I’ll be honest: what really stood out was the interior. Talk about an Instagrammer’s dream.

The Butcher's Daughter1

The Butcher's Daughter2

After breakfast, I continued my morning adventure, passing through the West Village. Seeing the beautiful buildings here just makes me happy. Item number one on my to-do list after I win the lottery: nab a brownstone here ; )

West Village1

West Village2

By shortly after 9am, I had made my way to the High Line, and immediately began wondering why it had been over a year since my last visit. Quite simply, this is one of my favorite spaces in New York, and even more so with all the summer flowers in full bloom. The coneflowers, in particular, were everywhere, and so, so gorgeous.

The High Line2

The High Line1

The High Line3

The High Line4

The High Line5

The High Line6

The High Line8

The High Line7

The High Line9

The High Line10

The High Line11

The High Line12

The High Line13

The High Line14

The High Line15

The High Line16

By the time I left around 10am, the weather was heading toward scorching and the crowds had arrived. I headed back home, happy to have had the High Line to myself for at least a brief moment.

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