Paris: A (Mostly) Peaceful Morning at Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise2

Père Lachaise was one of those places I just never seemed to get around to: every time I visited Paris, it was on my list of places to potentially visit, but every time it got set aside for one reason or the other. Given that I was spending months in the city last fall, though, it seemed like it was finally time to check it off the list.

One Saturday morning, I set out, stopping first at Café Oberkampf to fuel up (with avocado toast, but of course). After a 15-minute walk down Avenue de la République, I arrived at the cemetery, which looked beautiful on a sunny autumn day.

For a while, I simply wandered around the cemetery, peeking down whatever lane caught my eye. Eventually, though, I decided to make my way to the cemetery’s most iconic spot: the grave of Jim Morrison.

Père Lachaise3

Père Lachaise1

Père Lachaise7

Père Lachaise5

Père Lachaise6

Père Lachaise4

Père Lachaise8

Predictably, the grave was a mob scene in the midst of an otherwise peaceful cemetery. Tourists crowded all over, craning to get a shot of the gravestone. I took a quick look around, pausing to examine the colorful bracelets hung all over the gate surrounding Morrison’s grave, and the scurried out of there, back to more tranquil areas.

Much like Buenos Aires’s Recoleta, I found Père Lachaise oddly, hauntingly beautiful (minus the Jim Morrison hoopla). I’m glad I finally crossed this one off my list!

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