Experiencing the Kinder, Gentler Side of Versailles at the Grand Trianon

Versailles - Grand Trianon6

While the palace at Versailles is, objectively, the most impressive part of the show, I’ve always had a soft spot for the “smaller” (but still quite large) buildings on the estate, the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon. They are less crowded but still packed full of gorgeous treasures, a sort of Versailles-lite that’s less over-the-top but still satisfying to visit.

The Grand Trianon’s rooms in particular always wow me: the stark white hallway that almost feels like the kinder, gentler cousin of the Hall of Mirrors, the plush, colorful carpets and drapes, and the ornate, elegant furniture. For some reason, the drapes in particular always get me, particular the room with the rich blue and yellow drapery and tassels. Forever a Michigan Wolverine, I suppose.

Versailles - Grand Trianon4

Versailles - Grand Trianon16

Versailles - Grand Trianon3

Versailles - Grand Trianon11

Versailles - Grand Trianon5

Versailles - Grand Trianon1

Versailles - Grand Trianon12

Versailles - Grand Trianon15

Versailles - Grand Trianon14

Versailles - Grand Trianon2

Versailles - Grand Trianon13

Versailles - Grand Trianon10

Versailles - Grand Trianon7

Versailles - Grand Trianon17

Versailles - Grand Trianon9

Versailles - Grand Trianon8

I still think the main palace is worth a visit but, truthfully, if you find yourself weary of crowds, perusing the Grand Trianon is more than enough. It’s a magnificent space in its own right.

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