An Idyllic Afternoon at the Petit Trianon

Petit Trianon10

The Petit Trianon is synonymous with one name: Marie Antoinette. It was her refuge from the court at Versailles and, whatever your opinion of the lady, you cannot deny the appeal of this space. It does in fact feel wonderfully peaceful, whether one is trying to escape vicious French courtiers like good old Marie back in the day or cranky, snap-happy tourists like I did in the present.

Petit Trianon1

^^^ This right here is why you visit Versailles in fall. Swoon.

Petit Trianon14

Petit Trianon13

Petit Trianon7

Petit Trianon2

Petit Trianon4

Petit Trianon11

Petit Trianon6

Petit Trianon15

Petit Trianon5

Petit Trianon8

Petit Trianon9

Petit Trianon12

Petit Trianon3

Petit Trianon16

While the building itself is worth a walk through, it was the gardens that really captured my attention this time around. They are pretty and romantic, and become downright gorgeous with the glorious fall colors mixed in. My advice: make like Marie and head to the Petit Trianon. You won’t regret it.

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