Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 181

The weekly (but not really because I’m always behind so maybe more like monthly) roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. So good: Prince George to Justin Trudeau: Please Keep Your Filthy Peasant Hands Away from Me.
  2. Excitement is BUILDING, guys: Gilmore Girls “We’re Back” Featurette and We Ate Like Rory and Lorelai with the Gilmore Girls Cookbook.
  3. When I heard about this movie I was skeptical, but after seeing the trailer, I am all in: Jackie Official Teaser Trailer.
  4. We are at peak Michelle right now, I think, and I am all about it: To the First Lady, With Love and Watch Michelle Obama’s Powerful Speech on Donald Trump’s Treatment of Women.
  5. Speaking of Shelly O: Michelle Obama to DNC: After This Election, You Dipshits Are on Your Own.
  6. This is, quite literally, the story of my childhood: 25 Things Every Book-Loving ’90s Kid Will Remember.
  7. Angelica and Alexander, reunited as they should be: Lin-Manuel Miranda Remixes Hamilton with Hillary Clinton Lyrics.
  8. Love this: Adele’s Partner Celebrated Their Anniversary by Replacing Her Normal Concert Confetti with Love Notes.
  9. I feel immense pride to be from a state that chose M&Ms: America’s Favorite Halloween Candy State by State.
  10. cannot wait to watch this: Here Are the Most Sumptuous Costumes from The Crown.

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