London: A Fresh and Funky Tea at Sketch

I feel like I’ve had to begin a lot of blog posts this way over the past year or so, but: it all began with Instagram. That is, I saw so many photographs of the lovely, dusty pink Parlour room at Sketch that I knew I had to get there myself. And so, I did.



Sketch aims for a fresh take on afternoon tea and, to a large extent, they succeed. The waitresses wear fashionable frocks, the teacups and dishes are covered with cheeky sayings, and the bathroom is straight out of the space age. Where they failed for me was in the service; the day I visited, they were sloooooow. Getting tea and treats proved to be a bit of a struggle, and I didn’t feel that any of the staff offered a particularly warm or sincere apology. So while I can’t wholeheartedly endorse Sketch, I will say it was an interesting experience.



In terms of savory treats, one of my favorites was the mozzarella and pesto panini, which came wrapped up in a little package, all cute-like:


There was also a beautifully presented cucumber with ricotta:


A smoked salmon:


An egg with mayonnaise, quail egg, and caviar:


And the coronation chicken:


There were, of course, scones with cream and jam:



And then the sweets. First up, the passionfruit tartlet:


Then the pistachio choux:


The chocolate and mint gateau:


The lemon and raspberry cake:


And the cassis cheesecake:


And to round the trip out, a stop at the aforementioned bonkers bathrooms. See what I’m talking about?!


The bottom line: My experience at Sketch was a mixed bag. I loved some of their twists on the afternoon tea experience, and it’s definitely a fun setting in which to enjoy a tea. But, the service was lackluster and left a bad taste in my mouth. Still, I’d be willing to go back and give them another shot.

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