Dublin: Following Along the Tasting Trail

So, new year, new resolutions. One of them? Get caught up(ish?) on blogging. Thus…let’s discuss something I did way back in November 2015. Yes, I really am that behind. However, the food I’m about to write about was so tasty that it would seem a shame not to mention it.

On my visit to Dublin, I knew I wanted to get a closer look at the city’s foodie scene. I had had nice meals there during my first visit in 2013, but I figured it was time to call in a true local expert this time around. So, I signed up for a tour with Fab Food Trails. On a rainy (of course!) morning, our knowledgeable and friendly guide led us all around the city in search of great bites.

First stop, Woolen Mills for fresh scones. These were incredible – fluffy and topped with liberal amounts of tasty cream, jam, and lemon curd. I loved our snippet of this restaurant; it’s definitely on my list for my next return to Dublin.


Then, we headed to the Temple Bar Food Market to try goodies from a few different stalls. First up, several different Irish cheeses:

Temple Bar Food Market

Next, we tucked in together under a tent to try some fresh oysters. These were so good, and it occurs to me now that they just might have been the start of my current oyster kick, which went strong in 2016 (and probably won’t slow down anytime soon).


We walked over to the Powerscourt Centre and stopped in at The Pepper Pot for a smoked salmon bagel. The bagel was great (smoked salmon is one of my favorite things in the world), and this cafe is just lovely – I went back to it another time, so more on it later!

The Pepper Pot

Of course, no Irish food tour could ever be complete without a stop in a traditional pub, so we hit up one of the most storied: The Swan. There has been a pub at this location since 1661 (!), and the current building’s Victorian design dates back to 1897. So, we had just a smidge of history with our Irish whiskey.



At the Good Food Store, we had exactly what the store’s named promised: a seriously tasty bite. We sampled the breakfast roll with slow roasted tomato and Tipperary black pudding. I tried not to think about the “black pudding” part too much, but I needn’t have worried; this was a delicious breakfast snack. Enthusiastic thumbs up.



We popped into Cocoa Atelier, maker of chocolates, macarons, and various other goodies, for a sweet bite. I enjoyed the chocolate so much that I came back later and stocked up on treats to take back to co-workers.



We wrapped things up at Fallon & Byrne, which is basically a foodie paradise. On the top floor is a restaurant (I grabbed dinner there later in my trip), on the main floor is a gourmet grocery, and in the basement is a wine cellar – a casual area for enjoying wine and snacks. We tried a nice red and some ham and pickles.



So, yes, even though it might have been some time ago, I still have rather fond memories of my Dublin culinary adventures. I can’t wait for a return trip! And more scones. And oysters. Really, all of it.

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