A Low-Key Weekend, Dublin Style

Continuing on with my resolution of tackling more old stuff, a few last parting thoughts from my fall 2015 trip to Dublin (more here and here). One thing that strikes me as I look back on the weekend is the fact that I “did” very little (no museums, no Guinness tour, no Book of Kells), and yet the weekend felt very fulfilling. Dublin is a nice city just to be in, to wander down little lanes, to listen to people speak in their delightful Irish accents. Not much doing is required.

One of my favorite stops in town was The Pepper Pot Cafe at the Powerscourt Town Centre. The shopping centre itself is cute, but the café is cuter still – think bright floral tabletops and delicately patterned china. I had a cappuccino and a cake (with more than its fair share of cream!), and honestly I could have lingered there for quite some time. A lovely, relaxing start to a morning!

Pepper Pot Cafe Dublin

Powerscourt Centre Dublin

An enduring fascination of mine is beautiful doors, and there are some particularly wonderful examples to be found in Dublin. While I paused to photograph doors all around town, the biggest bang for your buck is probably Merrion Square and its stately Georgian homes. So gorgeous!





St. Stephen’s Green is always a lovely space, and even when I went – mid-November, on a chilly weekend – it was still nice, albeit damp. Look how rich the greens are with all that rain though!




And, of course, a day of strolling around town deserves to be rewarded with a bit of ice cream from Murphy’s. I opted for the sea salt and honeycomb caramel and it was good.


(It comes complete with a side of judgmental cow!)

And after I ate my ice cream, I did even more walking, crossing and re-crossing again the River Liffey (beautiful day and night, clearly):




And I wandered through Temple Bar, which luckily wasn’t too crazy the weekend I visited:




And then I just plain wandered, taking pictures of pretty things along the way:





The Bottom Line: While Dublin is not necessarily a fast-paced, action-packed city, it’s one of my favorite places just to be. The Emerald Isle will always be on my list of potential places to return to.

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