London: A Classic Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s

While in London, I visited two afternoon tea spots I had already tried before (Fortnum & Mason and The Berkeley). These teas are both old favorites of mine, and I pretty much could not resist them. But, of course, I also wanted to try something a bit new, and Claridge’s had long been on my list. So, to Mayfair I went.


Everything about Claridge’s feels classic, from their Tiffany blue striped china to their elegant, art deco dining room to the live musician who plays while you sip your tea. I felt like the whole experience was so refined and thoughtful; they really seem to pay attention to each little detail, and they made me feel much, much fancier than I actually am.

I opted to start with a glass of brut champagne (because, #treatyoself). For my tea, I had to choose the Claridge’s Blend. As the menu describes: “The blend has a unique depth of flavour that combines the power of an English Breakfast Tea with a satisfying complexity. The flavour is rich and aromatic with a deep, malty finish. Perfect served without milk, partnered by a fresh warm scone.” Well, alright then.




Of the sandwiches – egg, smoked salmon, cucumber, chicken, and ham – two were my favorites: the chicken and the smoked salmon. The salmon had a butter with it that was so airy and rich. Delicious!


My favorite part of the tea at Claridge’s had to be the scones. They were, quite simply, possibly the best scones I’ve ever tried at a tea. Perfection! And would you just look at that cream.



And then, of course, there were the desserts. An apple and quince tartlet made with puff pastry and hazelnut frangipan:


A chestnut financier with lemon and Earl Grey Chantilly cream:


A dark chocolate mousse with salted caramel ganache:


And last but not least, a vanilla and cherry choux with bourbon vanilla cream and cherry compote. This was, perhaps surprisingly given that one of the other desserts involved salted caramel, my favorite of the bunch.


The Bottom Line: I found myself really lingering over my tea at Claridge’s, long after I had eaten the last morsel of pastry. It was a lovely afternoon, and I have definitely found a new favorite to add to my ever-growing rotation of London teas.

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