Curaçao: A Long Weekend in Paradise

Historically, I have not been much for beach vacations; I’ve always been much more of a “must do all the things” gal. But lately, confronted with the prospect of ever more hectic days at work, I find myself craving warm weather vacations where the agenda for each day is . . . nothing. Curaçao was just that.

Part of the Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao is in the south Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Venezuela. It’s also a direct, five hour flight from NYC. In other words, it’s far enough to feel special but convenient enough to work for a long weekend trip.

My friend and I stay at the Lions Dive & Beach Resort, and it turned out to be the perfect choice. It’s situated in a little cove, so the water is always calm and swim-able, and its beach is lovely (and filled with lots of little cabanas, which is a must for a person as pale as myself).

We ventured into downtown Willemstad for a few hours one day, but the vast majority of the time, we stuck to our resort. Again, the “go go go” side of me felt mildly guilty for not really doing anything but, in truth, this was one of the most relaxing, wonderful mini-vacations I’ve ever had. Lions Dive, and the beaches of Curaçao, were seriously perfect.

^ Lions Dive has several different restaurants and bars on the premises. Hemingway was the one we frequented most often. It’s located right on the beach and features seriously delish fruity frozen drinks. The food’s pretty good, too!

^ There are iguanas all over the resort, sunning themselves on rocks. As someone who is quite skittish about any number of creatures, I surprised myself by kind of loving these guys. Well, as long as they didn’t get too close.

Nemo Restaurant, also located right at the resort, is a notch up from Hemingway in fanciness. We had one dinner there and it was super tasty, if a little overpriced. Wasn’t my surf ‘n turf lovely?

^ Lions Dive is located at the far end of a boardwalk filled with shops and restaurants. While we mostly lounged around on “our” beach, occasionally we ventured down the boardwalk. Like, for example, when we needed a bit of ice cream.

^ The water in Curaçao is THE bluest. We spent large portions of each day swimming in it, and it could not have made me happier.

^ The one time we ventured “away” for dinner, we crossed a tiny bridge and headed over to a restaurant directly across the cove from our hotel, Limoncello. It was a three minute walk, max (we really strained ourselves this trip, as you can see). Limoncello serves solid Italian food – I really enjoyed it.

There are a lot of islands I want to visit in the Caribbean but, in truth, I know it will be a struggle not to immediately head back to Curaçao first. It was such a good little escape from the chilly doldrums of a February in New York!


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