Curaçao: An Afternoon in Colorful Willemstad

As I previously mentioned, the name of the game in Curaçao was relaxation – a decision about which I have no regrets. But, I figured we had to see at least a little bit of the island beyond the pristine shores of our resort. So on a scorching afternoon, we hopped on a shuttle at our hotel and made our way to downtown Willemstad.

Willemstad’s inner harbor, a colonial trading post established in 1634, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also happens to be super colorful, meaning that I, of course, loved it. We mostly just wandered around, stopping to grab lunch by the water and then walking up and down the town’s colorful streets, exploring and poking around in shops.

Another thing I loved about Willemstad was all the street art. There are vibrant, colorful murals everywhere, all with hues that are as bright and sunny as the surrounding landscape. The town is just extremely photogenic!

The bridge spanning Willemstad’s harbor is really cool: it swings open and shut to allow ships to enter the harbor. The thing that I’ve never seen before, though, is that people can still stand on the bridge while this happens. Kind of fun (or crazy).

So while it pained me to leave our beautiful beach – and while it might not have been our smartest idea to go in the heat of the afternoon – I was glad we explored a bit more of what Curaçao had to offer. Never say no to colorful buildings is basically my travel motto and, as in Willemstad as in everywhere else, it served me well.

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