Paris: Springtime Splendor in the City of Light

This is my 35th blog post about Paris. Do I really have anything new to say about this city, I sometimes wonder? The truth is, possibly not – and to compound my problem, Paris is, perhaps more than any other city, a city that lends itself to clichés. Take, for example, Paris is the springtime. Yes, it really is every bit as lovely as people say it is. As proof, here are a few favorite springy snapshots from my trip to Paris last April. And by “a few,” I mean like a million. This city sure knows how to show off in springtime, doesn’t it?

The loveliest flower shop near Rue Cler:

The gorgeous cherry blossoms near Notre-Dame:

One of my favorite courtyards in Paris, at Musée Carnavalet:

The ever-wonderful plant wall at Rue d’Aboukir:

The cutest of passageways, Le Village Royal:

The gardens at Palais-Royal:

The glorious Jardin du Luxembourg:

One of the prettiest public squares, Place Dauphine:

The trees in front of Shakespeare & Company:

A beautiful little park near Notre-Dame, Square René Viviani:

Classic Parisian charm outside the pastry haven Odette:

The ever lovely Marais:

And the picture perfect gardens at the Musée Rodin:

I don’t like to play favorites, but springtime in Paris just might be my favorite time of all to visit the city. There is something about Paris in bloom that, quite simply, a little magical.

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