New York: February and March Favorites

It’s been a long time since I did a monthly recap post of my life in NYC (errrrr, since January 2016….?!?!), but there’s no time like the present to resume. I’ve felt lately like I’ve been in a bit of hibernation mode, but looking back, I see I’ve done not too shabby for myself in February and March. To wit:

I’ve been on a bit of a Broadway hot streak. There have been so many good musicals debuting lately. Of those I’ve seen, my favorite would have to be The Great Comet. Starring Josh Groban and adapting a portion of War & Peace, this show was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s staged so creatively – the cast is literally running around the audience for most of the show – and the music is incredible. I want to go see it again and again.

I also adored Dear Evan Hansen, in large part because Ben Platt freaking kills it. KILLS IT. I had pretty sweet seats (row two, what what), and I was completely mesmerized watching him up close: he performs the hell out of every song, and gives his character so many little tics and quirks. I’ve never cried so much at the theater.

Less successful was Sunday in the Park with George. I loved the performances of the leads – Jake Gyllenhaal can sing (who knew?!) and Annaleigh Ashford steals the show – but the staging, storyline, and music itself was a little underwhelming.

I rounded out March with a trip to Amélie, starring Phillipa Soo (fresh off starring as Eliza Hamilton). This was exactly what you would expect if you’ve seen the movie: quirky to the max. The staging was fun and whimsical, and Soo gives an incredible performance. I was surprised by how swept up I got in the romance of it all.

In other news, we have had the most erratic weather in New York of late. One week: 60 degree temperatures in February. The next: a blizzard that forces us all to stay inside and work from home (I say forced but, let’s be real, I loved it). I braved the arctic temps to snap a few photos of the Upper West Side blanketed in snow:

In keeping with something of a tradition at this point, I went to the annual tennis exhibition at Madison Square Garden. There were tons of good players this year, but the highlight for me was seeing my old favorite Andy Roddick and the evergreen Venus Williams.

At work, we moved offices (just up the street a few blocks, but still). The biggest change? A lot of elevation. I used to sit on the 14th floor; now I’m on the 48th. I’ve been loving the views (and the accompanying sunsets).

And in terms of foodie things, there were some real highlights, too. A friend and I had an elegant afternoon tea at the Ritz:

At Locanda Vini e Olii, another friend and I had a homey Italian meal. I loved this spot: very cozy and low-key, but really nice food and wine.

With my sister, I returned to Cosme (scene of one of my favorite meals of 2016). Yet again, the meal wowed me, particularly the cobia al pastor with pineapple puree and cilantro. Nom nom NOM.

One of my greatest NYC standbys is The Smith, and I dined there again this month. This time, I tried their breakfast pot pie – really tasty!

I celebrated a friend’s birthday at Shanghai Cuisine, where we all shared a family style Chinese feast:

And I celebrated a friend’s divorce (happier than it sounds!) with a ladies night out: drinks at the Dream Hotel, dinner at Vandal on the LES, and then drinks and dancing at Hotel Chantelle. The photo below is our dessert spread at Vandal: mini milkshake shooters, s’mores tarts, and donuts. Indulgent to the max!

I’ve been meaning to go to Lafayette forever, and I finally made it there in March for breakfast. I had the pancakes piled high with fruit and a side of the absolute tastiest bacon.

Of course, I don’t photograph everything (despite what you might think from this blog!), and one of my favorite meals of the year went entirely undocumented. A few girlfriends and I headed to the Llama Inn in Brooklyn one Friday after work for a real Peruvian feast. Everything was amazing!

And now? Bring on spring in NYC. I foresee ALL the cherry blossoms in my future.

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