New York: The First Signs of Spring at Central Park

The moment springtime rolls around – if, in fact, it has well and truly rolled around and we don’t get some random cold spell next week – I become a massive cliché. Instantly, I want to photograph ALL. THE. FLOWERS. As luck would have it, though, New York gives me plenty of opportunities to do just that – and living a few blocks from Central Park makes blossom-peeping even easier.

So that’s why, even though I had a different plan for my Saturday morning, I wound up pretty much dropping everything. As I lay in bed that morning, doing my usual AM scroll through Instagram, I realized one important thing: the cherry blossoms had officially arrived to Central Park. Suddenly, it was imperative that I head there immediately myself.

While the trees aren’t in peak bloom yet, there was still lots of loveliness to take in. And because I went relatively early (by NYC Saturday morning standards, at least), the park was pretty quiet, which is always a treat. I mean, it’s one thing to be an obnoxious flower-obsessed photographer yourself, but to have to contend with hordes of them is definitely far too much to bear.

I have a goal in mind to pop back to the park each weekend this spring and watch the blossoms progress. We’ll see if I wind up following through with it, but it’s hard to imagine that I’ll tire of these beauties any time soon.

And in case you missed it: a look back at Central Park a few springtimes ago.

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