New York: Finally Giving Riverside Park Its Due

One of my favorite things about my apartment is that it’s roughly in between Riverside and Central Parks – which is pretty damn lucky, as far as I’m concerned. Despite the fact that I love both parks, though, I somehow always wind up in Central Park (see here and here and here, to name but a few instances). I suppose it’s no surprise, really, given that Central Park is pretty much the park in New York City. All that said, I spent some time in Riverside Park this spring and was reminded of just how fabulous it is – and how I really ought to make an effort to get there more often.

For any super basic millennial woman – raises hand – one of Riverside Park’s must see spots is the 91st Street garden. Yes, it’s pretty in its own right but, more importantly, it’s featured in You’ve Got Mail. Meg Ryan’s character tells Tom Hanks to meet her in Riverside Park “where the path curves,” and while this is a ridiculously vague way to put it, this is in fact the spot she meant. This little garden was in full bloom when I visited and was so pretty!

I also happened to visit right in the heart of cherry blossom season (I say “happened to” as though I wasn’t seeking out cherry blossoms all over the city) (sorry not sorry). The trees were absolutely gorgeous! I loved all the little benches in the shadow of the cherry trees.

The Bottom Line: Central Park gets all the glory – and for good reason. But don’t forget Riverside Park, either! It’s always worth a walk.

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