New York City: Rei Kawakubo x Comme des Garçons at the Met

I always love a good museum, but there’s one thing at museums I love more than almost anything else: a good fashion exhibit. Whether it be intricate embroidery, rich textures, or bold colors, there’s something about beautiful clothes that I just can’t get enough of. And that’s why, every year since I moved to New York, I have found myself making my way to the Met for its annual costume exhibit (see 2015 and 2016 here).

This year’s theme was Rei Kawakubo: The Art of the In-Between. Per the Met, Kawakubo is “known for her avant-garde designs and ability to challenge conventional notions of beauty, good taste, and fashionability.” The collection features 140 pieces of Kawakubo’s designs for Comme des Garçons.

What did I think of all this? Well, I found the exhibit pretty much as promised by the Met: it definitely upends “conventional notions of beauty, good taste, and fashionability.” The pieces are odd, to be sure, but they’re also really interesting – and even beautiful in their own weird way. I was especially struck by all the wacky, voluminous proportions; while nobody in the real world could pull them off, they sure are fun to look at.

The Bottom Line: This year’s costume exhibit runs through September 4th. If you love fashion, make sure to catch it!


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