Fougères: A Crepe-Filled Introduction to Brittany

Much like Bourges, Fougères was a French town that was not remotely on my radar. And while this town didn’t pack quite the punch that Bourges did, it was still an interesting stop.

One thing that fascinates me about France is how much more diverse it is than you might expect. Each region is different, from dialect to landscape to food specialties. Fougères is located in the region of Brittany and, while I only spent a couple hours there, I left convinced that the town is Breton to its core.

One thing that Brittany is known for? Cider and crepes, both of which we made sure to sample while in Fougères. I am most definitely not a beer person, so any place that offers a nice alternative like cider is tops in my book. By contrast, I am most definitely a crepe gal. Yum!

While not spoken by everyone, Brittany has its own language, Breton, and I was surprised by how distinct it was. Distinct and, frankly, nothing like French at all (in fact, it’s closer to Welsh)! For example, instead of “bonjour,” you would said “demat”, and instead of “merci,” you would say “trugarez.” No offense to Breton and all, but “little town waking up to say demat, demat, demat” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, now does it?

After we had filled up on cider and crepes for lunch, we climbed up into town. Along the way, I kept stopping time and again to admire the ornate gigantic doors – I’m such a sucker for them, and this town had some real gems. At the top, we found the cathedral and a beautiful public garden with nice views out into town.

The Bottom Line: Fougères does not have any blockbuster sights and is pretty sleepy. You won’t need much time there, but it’s worth a short visit for a glimpse into Brittany.

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