New York: A Visit to the Whitney Biennial

When the Whitney moved to its new location along the High Line in spring 2015, it immediately rocketed to the top of my “must visit” list. So, naturally, I got there as soon as I could…two years later, in spring 2017. Procrastinate much?

In all seriousness, visiting the Whitney’s collection has been something I have long wanted to do, but it never quite seemed to work out, for one reason or another. But this spring – spurred on by my friend, who also really wanted to visit – I finally made the trip!

We arrived at the Whitney during its Biennial exhibit, which ran through June 11 (parts of the exhibit are still on display throughout the summer). There were lots of cool pieces and there were lots of head scratchers. Falling in the latter category? A bologna exhibition. Literally, pieces of bologna. It was…not my favorite thing.

Another reason I had been dying to visit the Whitney? The views from the top level, which I had heard were spectacular – and which I saw were spectacular when they kept popping up on Instagram. We visited on a very grey and windy day (as evidenced by my hair situation below), but I still thought the views were pretty great. Moody New York = one of my favorite iterations of New York.

My favorite exhibit was the room pictured below, featuring a huge stained glass wall and various sculptures made out of colorful gemstones and other bits. It was so vibrant! I absolutely adored it.

The Bottom Line: Though some of the pieces were a bit conceptual and over-my-head, the Whitney has such an interesting, though-provoking collection. A visit to the museum and then a walk on the High Line would be basically perfect as far as New York days go.

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