Seattle: Flowers at Pike Place, a Windy Harbor Cruise, and One Very Gross Gum Wall

Technically speaking, I’ve been “in” Seattle probably sixty times before. You see, I used to have a client out in central Washington, and so each week, I’d fly there, stopping for a layover in Seattle before boarding a tiny plane bound for Wenatchee. Given that, I’d never really seen Seattle. But now, I am happy to report, I’ve changed all that!

My cousin lives near Seattle, so we convened there for a girls weekend (with a bonus appearance from my uncle, who crashed it for a day). We crammed a TON of stuff into the weekend, giving us a real crash course in Seattle’s many highlights. Overall, it was super fun, if mildly exhausting.

Saturday began with breakfast at 5 Spot, a diner in the Queen Anne neighborhood. I had the daily special – a hash of scrambled eggs, avocado, and chorizo – and it was very tasty.

Next up, we headed into the thick of it all, Pike Place Market. While crawling with tourists (ourselves included), this was still a fun spot to visit. Naturally, I was obsessed with the flower stalls; there were so many of them, and all chock full of huge, gorgeous blooms.

We also stopped by the Gum Wall, which manages to be simultaneously disgusting and oddly beautiful.

And then we headed to the water, wandering the pier in the shadow of the giant ferris wheel. This area was a bit touristy for my tastes, but you can’t deny it’s got great views.

Before lunch, we headed to the Lake Union area. We wandered around the docks for a while, which are home to the Center for Wooden Boats (who knew there was even such a thing?!). I loved the colorful canoes dotting the docks here.

For lunch, we grabbed a bite at Duke’s Chowder House. Naturally, I had to get myself a bowl of the chowder, along with a salmon sandwich. I ordered the small sized sandwich – and it was still huge! You really cannot beat the fresh salmon of the Pacific Northwest, and I suggest ordering it whenever possible.

After lunch, we joined the longish line at Molly Moon’s, where the ice cream is on point. I got the seasonal s’mores flavor – it was so, so good! Between this and Jeni’s in Nashville, summer 2017 has really been the summer of peak ice cream for me.

In a mild sugar coma, we paid a visit to Chihuly Gardens and Glass, which I wrote more about here. Basically, this place is my dream. So colorful!

Next door to the Chiluly museum is the Space Needle, which we made our way to the top of. Though we only had a short while here – we had to catch a harbor cruise, which we only just made thanks to an inopportunely timed train – it was still worth the effort. The views were gorgeous; we lucked out with crystal clear blue skies the afternoon we visited.

In the evening, we took a cruise through Elliott Bay. The ride is narrated (I thought the woman who led ours was fairly entertaining) and features great views of the Seattle skyline. One word of warning: make sure to bundle up! It gets chilly out there.

We finished our day at the Alibi Room, where we enjoyed some really tasty pizza. The restaurant was dark and moody so, unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of our meal. But I did grab some graffiti we saw on the way there. People of Seattle, you speak my language.

We spent the next morning exploring the Capitol Hill neighborhood, home to lots of good shopping and many colorful crosswalks (quite literally – they’re rainbows!).

I had heard General Porpoise served great donuts, so naturally we had to make our way there to try them. They were pretty tasty!

At Kerry Park, we found some seriously awesome views of Seattle’s skyline. This neighborhood was also packed with some real #HouseGoals. A gal can dream.

We ended our time in Seattle with a visit to the Ballard neighborhood, featuring the Ballard Locks and the Carl English Botanical Gardens. My sister and I found the locks oddly mesmerizing (and, obviously, I can never resist a botanical garden).

After seeing the locks, we made our way to the Ballard Farmers Market which, unfortunately, was just wrapping up by the time we arrived. We poked around for a bit and ducked into a few shops before stopping at a Mexican restaurant, Gracia, for a very late lunch.

The Bottom Line: My weekend in Seattle was far too short (seriously, it’s not a great idea to take a Sunday red-eye back to NYC and go directly into work the next morning), but very sweet. I really enjoyed Seattle’s eclectic collection of neighborhoods and definitely will be back again to explore more.

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