Athens: A Few Final Postcards from a City of Contradictions

What exactly to say about Athens? In truth, it’s not my favorite city – nor is it, by any means, my least favorite. In parts, it’s a bit rough around the edges and dreary; in other parts, vibrant and colorful. It has magnificent monuments (arguably the most magnificent monuments of all, at least in Europe), amazing museums, and great food. Yet all too often, I find myself thinking of it merely as a jumping off point, a place where I stop before I get somewhere just a little bit shinier and better (and places don’t come much shinier than the idyllic Santorini, which I will write about shortly). And so, before I ditch Athens for the picture perfect islands, a few last spots in this city that caught my eye.

^^ I loved this leafy pedestrian street in the Plaka.

^^ Possibly one of my favorite things about Greece: they are not stingy with their feta!

^^ Steps in Anafiotika, a tiny, whitewashed neighborhood literally built into the side of the Acropolis.

^^ My hotel terrace featured some pretty solid views of the Acropolis!

^^ Say yes to tzatziki! I cannot get enough of this stuff when I’m in Greece.

The Bottom Line: I don’t unabashedly love Athens the way I do other several other European cities, but I will concede it definitely has its own charm. And, as someone who loves history, Athens is not to be missed: you feel like you’re walking among it there (and, literally, you are, as the city is dotted with monuments around every corner). So before you jet off to sun yourself on a Greek isle, why not try Athens for a day or two, too?

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