Oia: Chasing Sunsets at Charisma Suites

I adored my accommodations at Absolute Bliss in Imerovigli, so it was with a bit of a heavy heart that I packed my bags and prepared to move on to a different sun-drenched Santorini town. I had saved Oia – perhaps the Santorini destination – for last, and my expectations could not have been higher. Luckily, Charisma Suites – my new digs – was more than up to the challenge.

Perched on the side of a cliff (as all great Santorini hotels are), Charisma Suites features some really stunning vistas. And while staying at the hotel necessarily entails huffing up and down a lot of steps, the vantage points this affords makes it well worth it. My private balcony offered a perfect view of the sunset, but I found myself stopping constantly as I walked up and down the steps at the hotel, finding more wonderful views everywhere I looked.

Charisma Suites was, like Absolute Bliss, a bit of a splurge. And while I didn’t spring for a room with a private hot tub here (Oia is more touristy, and thus more expensive, than Imerovigli), I still loved my room. Drenched all in white, light and airy, the space featured several nice touches: complimentary fruit and wine waiting for me in my room upon arrival, a free mobile phone programmed to call the front desk (in case I needed assistance while out and about sightseeing), and private balconies with comfy seating and great views.

I adored my balcony and, when I wasn’t sleeping or out exploring town, you could find me there: enjoying breakfast al fresco in the mornings, reading with a cup of coffee in the afternoons, and enjoying a glass of wine as the sun set.

And speaking of the sunsets… In Oia, sunset watching is basically a competitive sport. The town gets some pretty spectacular ones, you see, leading to intense jockeying for the best twilight vantage points. Rather than waste time staking out and then holding a spot until the sun set, I opted to stay within the stress-free confines of my balcony. This was the right choice: sundown was stunning there, and I didn’t have to compete with anyone for the perfect photograph. Peace + quiet + Greek wine + all the colors in the sky. What more can you ask for?

^^ If you think two pictures of wine glasses held up against sunsets is a lot, just wait until you scroll more and find my third!

The Bottom Line: Two takeaways. One, I plan to go back to Santorini again some day, and I will for sure stay at Charisma Suites again; it’s a lovely place staffed with very kind people. Two, Santorini sunsets get mega hype, but, in my book, they 100% deserve it. The island is that rare place that is just as magical in real life, if not moreso, than in photographs.

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