Oia: When Travel Dreams Become Travel Reality

The first thing I realized about Oia: the sunsets there really are every bit as wonderful as Pinterest, Instagram, and the internet writ large would have you believe they are.

The second thing I realized about Oia: the streets there really are every bit as charming – and eminently photographable – as you had imagined they would be.

The third thing I realized about Oia (and Santorini in general): it would go down as one of my most pleasant, dreamy, and overall wonderful vacations ever.

Yes, Santorini gets a lot of hype. And, often, that’s a recipe to be let down by a place, once you finally visit. But, happily, I found that was not at all the case with my trip to the island. It fulfilled every cliched, picture perfect image I had in mind for it, and I loved every moment of my visit.

What did I do in Oia? Honestly . . . nothing. I hung out on my balcony a lot, watching the sunrise and the sunset, reading, resting. And I walked around town a lot, ducking down little alleys, taking five hundred photos of the bougainvillea, ordering feta with every meal. I had no schedule, no plans, no agenda. It was one of my most relaxing – and, of course, most beautiful – trips.

While I was still in Oia, I found myself already thinking about when I might be able to get back again. If I didn’t have such a long list of places I wanted to travel, I could see myself returning yearly and doing pretty much the exact same thing. As it is, I’m sure it won’t be that long before I find myself back here. Sometimes you want a vacation spot that challenges you, a vacation spot that gives you a ton of different things to explore and take in and try. And other times? Other times you just want bright sunshine bouncing off whitewashed houses, a nice glass of Santorini-made wine, and nary an obligation in sight.

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