Mexico City: The One With the Crazy Bakery

Every now and then, you come across something random that completely delights you. Mexico City’s Pastelaria Ideal was one of those places for me.

Approaching Pastelaria Ideal, it appears to be just a simple bakery. Sure, the racks of cookies in the window look enticing, but you’ve probably seen racks of cookies before.

But step inside and head upstairs and you’re greeted with quite a sight: cakes, as far as the eye can see. Cakes galore, hundreds of cakes, hugely tall and ornately decorated. And when I say “hugely tall,” I mean tall: many of them were a lot taller than I was!

I had so much fun poking around here; there were just so many cakes, and they were all so beautiful. I’ve seen bakeries before, but this is a bakery. I loved thinking about generations of Mexico City’s citizens coming here for every special occasion, from quinceañeras to weddings.

So, yes, Pastelaria Ideal is a pretty random thing to devote an entire post to, but hopefully it’s evident by now that it was also pretty cool. I had no idea about this spot before I visited Mexico City, so when I finally encountered it, it felt like an awesome surprise. An awesome, frosting-laden surprise.

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