Mazunte: Sunny, Lazy Days on the Pacific

After traveling from Mexico City to Puebla to Oaxaca, I was more than ready for a little relaxation. We found it in the form of a few days in Mazunte, a super sleepy seaside town on the Pacific Ocean.

What I liked about Mazunte was how low key it was: it’s decidedly not one of Mexico’s uber-touristed resort towns. In fact, there were barely any tourists at all – and still fewer American tourists – which was just to my liking. Our accommodations were low frills, but I was perfectly happy to have a cliffside pool and the Pacific Ocean to relax in. Well, not so much the latter: the Pacific was pretty rough while we were there, and I only waded in a bit, not being super confident in my swimming abilities in the face of big waves. Still, it’s a beauty to look at!

We ate every meal al fresco in Mazunte, indulging in piles of fresh fruit and even fresher seafood, and we ended every night by admiring the sunset, which provided some real gems. I spent hours sitting in the pool, sometimes reading a book, other times just floating. It was simple and chill and everything a short sojourn to the beach should be.

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