Sevilla: The Colorful Corners of Casa de Pilatos

While everyone – myself included! – visits the Alcázar in Sevilla, I also wanted to make sure I checked out a few of the other palaces that were more off the beaten path. Enter: Casa de Pilatos.

Casa de Pilatos is an absolutely gorgeous complex, mixing together Italian Renaissance architecture and Spanish Moorish flair (that is to say, colorful tiles galore!). Wikipedia tells me that it’s the permanent residence of the “Dukes of Medinaceli,” and while I have no idea who those guys are, I cannot deny that they’ve got damn good taste.

After hiding inside our hotel during the most scorching part of the day, my sister and I spent a lovely hour or so at Casa de Pilatos late one afternoon. The grounds were quiet at the end of the day; we were usually the only tourists in any given courtyard, save for the main one in the middle. We oohed and aahed, posed for a million photos (I blame my sister for that one), and admired the general splendor of the place.

I could not help but fall a bit in love with Casa de Pilatos, especially since it has many of the charms of the Alcázar but only a tiny fraction of the crowds. It’s not to be missed, in my book.

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