New York: On a Journey with Louis Vuitton

As I’ve said many times before on these “pages” – and as I will surely say many times again – I love a good costume exhibit. That’s why, when Louis Vuitton’s Volez, Voguez, Voyagez (Fly, Vogue, Travel) came to New York last fall, I booked a ticket right away.

The exhibit traced the Louis Vuitton label from 1854 to present. In the words of the exhibit’s website:

This historic journey, designed by Robert Carsen, is divided into ten chapters, one of which is entirely devoted to the United States of America and New York City. The tour opens with the most symbolic object of the House: the trunk, a model fashioned with contemporary flair, embodying the iconic hallmarks and bold spirit of Louis Vuitton. The exhibition features objects and documents from the Louis Vuitton heritage archives, as well as select articles on loan from the Palais Galliera and the Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris. The exhibition concludes with a display devoted to the savoir-faire of the artisans in the Louis Vuitton workshops.

After years of reading celebrity fashion blogs, I think of Louis Vuitton more in terms of modern clothing. It was interesting, then, to take a walk through the brand’s history, seeing their luggage trunks and vintage fashions. I loved some of the older clothes, in particular: so crisp and sharp!

Somewhat jarringly, the exhibit ended with a look through some of Louis Vuitton’s more recent fashions. I liked seeing the gown Alicia Vikander wore when she won her Oscar – it’s in the below photo, on the right.

While the exhibit seemed to have some pretty grand ideas about tracing the brand’s evolution, I confess that that part of the story was less compelling to me. What I did love, however, were the fashions themselves, and some of the vintage pieces especially. Beautiful dresses are always worth the price of admission.

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