London: Christmas Cheer Abounds

If you can call two years in a row a tradition (and I clearly plan to do so), I have lately enacted the tradition of visiting London in the post-Christmas, New Years’ period. There are a lot of good reasons for this: visiting in the winter means fewer crowds, taking that week off from work is easy because nobody is around anyway, and – perhaps most importantly – the Christmas decorations are still up!

I love Europe – or anywhere, really – during the Christmas season, and London is definitely one of the cities that really knows how to do it up right. I spent the first few days I was in town (aka, the last days before the decorations were taken down) seeking out some of the prettiest spots. Such as…

The Seven Dials area in Covent Garden:

The windows at Fortnum & Mason:

The lovely doors of Kensington:

The angels strung across Regent Street:

Tiffany & Co.:

Oxford Street:

Colorful Carnaby Street:

Cartier (whose signature store-wrapped-in-a-bow facade I’ve seen in New York and Paris as well):

The windows of Ralph Lauren:

The Royal Arcade:

Multiple locations of the Ivy:

The Wolseley:

The Ritz:

Covent Garden:

The Natural History Museum:

King Street:

Clos Maggiore (still on my to-eat list!):

And, last but not least, Somerset House:

Snaps from last Christmas in London are here

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